Seda Imperial Collection


The floral motifs hand-embroidered on Manila shawls have inspired this line. Astonishing volumes, bold asymmetries, a mix of yellow and white gold, and colored gemstones comprise an innovative and daring vision of the floral theme.


Inspired by the herons embroidered on Manila shawls, the artisan goldsmiths at Carrera y Carrera elevate this figurative element to its maximum splendor. Voluptuous forms, sublime detail, and magnificent finishes make this line an excellent example of gold craftsmanship.


This line is inspired by one of the most emblematic streets in Seville – Sierpes street. Located in the center of the Andalusian capital, Sierpes street partly takes its name from its sinuous form that emulates the movement of the fringe of the manila shawl, the star of this collection.


Impressive jewels of extraordinary beauty that represent the Fine Jewelry line of Seda Imperial. A world where creativity, inspiration, and innovation join luxury and elegance.

Colección Seda Imperial

Seda Imperial

The Legend of Seda Imperial Be seduced by the mystery and fusion of cultures.

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