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November 01, 2014 Press

Carrera y Carrera - Colección Love

Love has a universal meaning.  One word that works in any language.  Four letters that form a perfect set to define the oldest and most intense feeling of affection between beings in the world:  love.  Carrera y Carrera pays tribute to this feeling by creating the LOVE collection comprised of pieces full of romantic symbolism.  Ideal pieces for showing and reinforcing love to dear ones.

 “They say that a man is not a man until he hears his name from the lips of a woman.”  Antonio Machado (1875-1939)

The ring in yellow and white gold with diamonds from the new LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera is full of romantic symbolism.  The daisy that crowns the letter L on the piece evokes an act of eternal romanticism: playing he loves me, he loves me not.  The eternal question is asked while pulling the petals off a daisy, hoping that the answer will be the desired one: he loves me!

“The only regret I will have in dying is if it is not for love.”  Gabriel García Márquez (1928-2014)

The earrings in yellow and white gold with diamonds from the new LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera are full of romantic symbolism.  Fun jewels where the word LOVE is divided into two syllables that adorn each one of the loved one’s ears.  The firm’s characteristic matte-gloss highlights the nature-inspired decoration on the piece in extraordinary fashion.

 “To laugh with another is the greatest symptom of love.” Carmen Martín Gaete (1925-2000)

The bracelet in yellow and white gold with diamonds from the new LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera is a piece full of romantic symbolism.  The letters that form the word LOVE become delicate charms that adorn this bracelet along with a daisy, the unmistakable symbol of innocence and virtue, of pure and ingenuous young love.

 “To be loved, we should never ask the one who loves us: Are you happy? but instead always say, “I am so happy!”  Jacinto Benavente (1866 – 1954)

The pendant in yellow and white gold with diamonds from the new LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera is a piece full of romantic symbolism.  A daisy – symbol of femininity – is wrapped in masculine ivy in this delicate pendant.  The diamonds that decorate this piece are a symbol of durability and eternity, like the love that inspires the LOVE collection.

“Love is invisible and comes and goes as it pleases without anyone calling it to account for its deeds.” Miguel de Cervantes (1547 -1616)

The Pájaros (Lovebirds)pendant from the new LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera is crafted in matte-gloss yellow gold and diamonds, symbolizing the eternal bond of these two animals.  Resting upon a heart, the birds remain together about to kiss under the mistletoe that climbs up the side of the heart.  Faithful to the tradition that assures that a kiss under the mistletoe guarantees eternal and immortal love.

 “To fall in love is to feel enchanted by something, and something can only enchant if it is or appears to be perfection.” José Ortega y Gasset (1883-1955)

The angel necklace from the LOVE collection by Carrera y Carrera is a true tribute to the tenderness of love.  This delicate necklace features a heart of rose quartz, a color symbolic of love and protection, upon which rests a pensive little angel crafted in yellow gold.  Behind the semi-transparent rose quartz, the floral decoration of the backing of the piece is visible – a daring and unexpected twist that brings the wow factor to this romantic jewel.

“It is upon separating that one feels and understands the power of love.” Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881)

Figurative jewelry has always been one of the pillars of the Carrera y Carrera brand.  This style is more apparent than ever in the new pieces of the LOVE collection.  The pieces represent love through universal symbols such as angels, mistletoe, the color pink, or hearts.  Featured in the picture are two of the necklaces from the collection that are ideal for conveying and reaffirming love.  These pieces are individually created by hand by the Carrera y Carrera goldsmith artisans in the brand’s workshop in Madrid, Spain.

“The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze.” Gustavo Adolfo Becquer 1836-1870)

Antonio Arroyo is one of the six members of the Carrera y Carrera design team.  The creation of the LOVE collection was a challenge for Antonio, who chose to freely explore the less widely used aspects of love in jewelry in order to offer different and original pieces.  In many of the jewels we see a daisy as a symbol of innocent, youthful love, an allegory of pulling this flower’s petals while asking the eternal question: he loves me, he loves me not?  Other pieces feature a pair of lovebirds about to kiss under the branches of mistletoe, fulfilling the tradition that says that following this ritual will bring eternal love to the couple.  A collection comprised of highly symbolic and figurative pieces – pure Carrera y Carrera.

 “I remember a miraculous moment: in a fleeting glimpse, you appeared, radiant and beautiful as the illusion.” Aleksandr Pushkin (1799-1837)

The first step in the creation of a Carrera y Carrera jewel is exciting and very artistic – the firm’s designers develop many sketches that later will become jewels at the hands of the company’s goldsmith artisans.  Having access to these sketches is a genuinely enriching experience, and observing the development of the different jewels is a true privilege.

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